Plenty of choise what to do - what to see - what to expire - all year around!

As a center of the hole, Hunnebostrands Vandrarhem is surrounded with excellent views and experiences within the reach of your own foot. And this is due to the entire year. The costal climate brings early spring and extreme late autumn, compared with Sweden in a lot.  The web site gives your all details, unfortunately mainly in Swedish. Below is a picked choice we have made for your convenience, but remember it is just a pick. By email or phone we gladly tell you more and might have some news as well.

Expire the area with us and be thrilled!


News. 2008 !

Spring 2008, we Bring you:

Fishing safaris, Lobster experience off shore, Seal safari,
Shore tours, etc etc.



Walkabout to Ulebergshamn

The best within life might be free!
There are not much who can out beat the walkabout along the riffs between Hunnebostrand and Ulebergshamn.

Se for yourself at -


Soteleden The trek!

Our community is blessed with 70 km of walking treks that are well displayed. These treks will show you all, amazing costal line, the former stonemasonry and small farmer lots.
One of the connections points starts just 50 met from our Hostel and leads into the big crack named Hunnebo Klyfta and goes all the way to the top of the hill, and then it is your choice where to go next... the link below shows it all..



The open ocean to the west, the amazing nature of Ramsvik, an reservation area whom stays out from the rest. This is a must for the trekker or for those who can walk.
The area is well preserved and shows hundreds of spices whom are rare even in Sweden.
There are an "walk bridge" over to the island Tryggö where an old Viking graveyard, King Tryggve, and an hilltop whom shows greater views in various directions. Here you also will find the canal, Sotekanalen, whom is half natural and half man made.

This canal is mostly spoken of as the "highway for ships"!




You can go here either by bus, by bicycle or by your car. The walk along bridge is one of Scandinavia's most know tourist places. Here you will find whatever you want to buy, and do not be surprised if you would find your fellow man from your own country.

During the "hot" season there are thousands of visitors daily, off season it is an calm walk and show for the eye.



Off shore activities  


We invite you to expire the ocean yourself.
Our separate web page tells you all about our own fishing safaris etc. Scroll upwards and you will find it.

But, if would be a shame if we not told you that there are plenty of business whom would like to take you out there.. it is.


Boat Tour's

If you are not into fishing, but would like to be on the ocean on your own or with others, there are several business whom goes regular and some whom goes where you want.
We also can tell you how to rent your own boat or we even might help you out on the ocean ourselves.

One of the most common trips goes by the Hållöfärjan, a regular trip between the bridge of Smögen to the harbor of Kungsham and even trough the canal Sotekanalen and all the way to Hunnebostrand.


Kayaking on your own or on an small wooden boat. 

Would you like to be on the ocean on your own?
There are those who have rental kayaks and small powered boats check these out..
Sjömacken in Hunnebostrand, or by            Smögens kajakäventyr

Our partner whom runs safaris on the former Captain ship,
 Ex MS Missouri, Hållöexpressen Smögen.

We also offer our own wooden traditional 8 persons boat,
call us or mail us your thoughts and wishes.





One of our most regular groups who come every year is a Diving Sport club, the reason is our extreme and highly recommended diving water areas.
Captain .
. Kapten Haddock will bring you  to the right places.




Do need to mention it, but yes, we have a load of nice bathing places. Both with and without sandy areas.
St Görans island or Hästedalen is one of our most recommended lots. The distance from our Hostel is 800 and 1000 m



Culture and Nature  

Stenhuggarmuseet  Stonemasonry museum.

As a neighbor of our Hostel is the museum whom not only keeps but also "lives" the old tradition of our area. During the summer there are regular tours.
At the same time visit the Gammelgården house whom stays from the 1500 century.
Hunnebostrands Bildarkiv, "photo museum" will bring you even further into the tradition of our area.
Web site at :


Svenska Hummerakademien
The Swedish Lobster Academy  – ”Nöje och delikatess”

The Lobster is the "sign" of Hunnebostrand and one of the most awaited catches. Each year at the opening of the season the air is filled with "hormones" from those who have planned to be a part of it. You might want to participate? By sure can we offer you your own Lobster weekend or an fishing safari weekend whenever you want.
Check it out on our special web site and see for yourself.

The Lobster Academy will not only tell you all about the lobster, the can also show live lobsters in their great aquarium.
Click on the link below and find out what is all about.


Nordens Ark

This is one of our prides in Bohuslän.
Here we preserve the future for animals whom are close to extinction. During a long walk of approx 3 Km through an spectacular nature you will be able to see anything from the Red Panda, the snow leopard (unica unica), Lynx and all Nordic farmer races. It will be a thrill.


Landbased Activities  


Sotenäs GK is an 27 hole course. Beautifully inspired by the local nature with respect for both the culture of housing and constructing. It is a nice mix of wood and park course

Not far away we also offer the Golf courses of: Torreby GK, Fjällbacka GK och Mjölkeröd GK i Grebbestad.



Horse Riding

Are you keen on riding on horseback?
There is a local riding club just around the corner of the Hostel.
Call them for information.

 Sotenäs Fältrittklubb.



There are quite a few tennis courses just a few hundred meters away from the Hostel. Call them for information.

Hunnebo Tennis




There are plenty of choice to be dined and eat well in Hunnebostrand. Our pick and choice is the beautiful placed Restaurang Bella Gästis which is open all year.
But just look around and you will find alternatives.
All just a close walk from the hostel. 




Our area offers a lot within regard of nice shopping. The villages Kungshamn, Hunnebostrand, Smögen, Bovallstrand all have various shops and outlets.
Each year a nice brochure will be produced which you can catch at our reception or by the Tourist office.



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